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    Foxie Hunny Arctic Adventure v1.2 - Cracked


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    Foxie Hunny Arctic Adventure v1.2 - Cracked Empty Foxie Hunny Arctic Adventure v1.2 - Cracked

    Post  Aloware on Wed Apr 01, 2009 12:45 am

    Foxie Hunny Arctic Adventure v1.2 - Cracked Ar11

    Welcome to Foxie Hunny’s Arctic Adventure by Fusion Creative Studios. Enjoy the challenges as you cross the arctic in search of Foxie’s best friend Noodles The Fox. Fight your way through dangerous creatures, while collecting diamonds, and eating Chicken and Steak for extra powers.

    How to Play:

    Tilt the Iphone or Ipod touch to move Foxie left or right. The further and faster you tilt it the faster she moves.

    B = Jump
    B Lit (when eating a chicken leg) = Double Jump
    A Lit (when eating steak) = Tail Whip to defeat enemies

    Collect 100 diamonds and get an extra life.

    Foxie is very delicate so she must land directly on top of a creature in order to defeat it or hit it with her tail whip (be sure to time it right or else you'll lose)

    This version gives you 9 action packed levels. More of Foxie's adventures will come soon, stay tuned. The problem with Foxie Hunny Lite not working on the Ipod touch 2G has been fixed for this version as well as the Lite version.

    Visit to learn more about Foxie Hunny.
    NOTE: Foxie Hunny uses a lot of memory so be sure to restart your device after installing. In case Foxie does crash, it is most likely due to the device running out of memory, so restart it and you should be fine. If you have any questions email us at
    Check out or other game Square Jams Cube Puzzles out now FREE!

    New in this version Updated some performance issues

    More updates to come....

    Languages English

    Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

    Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update

    Download Links:


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    Foxie Hunny Arctic Adventure v1.2 - Cracked Empty Re: Foxie Hunny Arctic Adventure v1.2 - Cracked

    Post  nrpgolf on Thu Jun 10, 2010 10:26 am

    Thank you very much

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