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    Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked


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    Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked Empty Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked

    Post  Aloware on Sat Mar 14, 2009 12:29 am

    Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked 167

    Game rated Gold
    Well worth it for any fans of Snake. One of the best all around games I’ve seen thus far!
    The makers of Snake XT have really done the game proud, creating a new Snake that is visually appealing, exciting, and just all around tons of fun. - Canada

    This app deserves 5 stars all the way. Best thing too is the amazing music. Great job bringing back a classic
    kalmichael - - USA

    Snake XT is a graphically-rich version of the addictive game that takes the gameplay to a new level. The graphics in this one are bold and bright, the animation is slick, and the sound effects and music are incredible. - USA

    It is the quite successful (graphics, music, control), as Snake experts confirm
    Es handelt sich um das recht gelungene (Grafik, Musik, Steuerung), wie Snake-Experten bestätigen, Remake eines bekannten und beliebten Videospielklassikers - Germany

    Certainly a lot of fun. We recommend you download it now!
    Insomma sicuramente molto divertente. Vi consigliamo di scaricarlo adesso Serpentona - Italy

    Rated Gold - Plenty of broken heads over all kinds of puzzle games want to entertain themselves with..…beautiful retro game…The game is very good.. - Rusia

    Snake XT vs classic ..the enormous progress that has been made with the iPhone!
    Et c’est en faisant la comparaison entre ces deux jeux que je me suis réellement rendu compte de l’avancée énorme qui a été faite avec l’iPhone ! - France

    Totally recommended to newcomers and nostalgic
    Totalmente recomendado tanto para los neófitos como para los más nostálgicos. - Spain

    Nice gameplay, ….will be entertained many good hours.
    Agradável jogabilidade, onde certamente qualquer fã deste tipo de jogos se ira entreter umas boas horas. - Brazil

    Fun to play with beautiful graphics and sound - Japan

    NOTE: The game will be free for very few more days on the Appstore, following that it will be charged at $1.99 USD.

    Relive your old memories in an iPhone way! One tap of Snake Xtreme, a Sssssleek new version of the old-time classic arcade game Snake, and you’ll get all wrapped up.

    Objective is to (as if we have to explain Wink :)eat as many pellets as possible, avoid the obstacles at all costs and watch your tail grow! There is no revenge here. Think you got top game? Then play either of our two challenging versions if you dare. Challenging, but anybody can play them!!


    28 levels of arcade excitement! The game starts off easy, but as you master each level by collecting all the pellets, the landscape changes, the snake’s speed increases, the degree of difficulty intensifies and your pulse quickens. Bonuses are a plenty, but beware of the obstacles, the walls and your deadly tail. Are you ready to conquer all 28 levels?


    How long is your snake? Can you move around an increasingly confined area without crashing into walls or running into your tail? That is the Challenge. Eat as many pellets as you can, collect the bonuses along the way, set the highest score with the longest snake and you can call yourself Snake Xtreme champion.


    • Stunning graphics, great music
    • Arcade mode includes 28 levels and 7 worlds
    • Easy tap on pellet directs snake
    • Pauses/saves game to continue later
    • Saves scores up to 7 players


    • Online Scores on Tower display
    • Exclusive Snake Multiplayer, where two players will compete for tail pieces on one board and different animals like Rattlers, Boas, Anacondas and Pythons.

    Suggestions, ideas, want more challenges, please write to

    Thanks for your support and we look forward to your feedback and ideas for making this game the best Snake game ever

    New in this version Unavailable

    Languages English Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

    Requires iPhone 2.0 Software Update

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    Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked Empty Re: Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked

    Post  thexistanz on Tue Mar 24, 2009 12:23 pm


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    Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked Empty thnkkkkkkkk

    Post  livelyelpam on Fri Apr 02, 2010 10:50 am


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    Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked Empty Re: Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked

    Post  nrpgolf on Thu Jun 10, 2010 6:26 am

    thank very much

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    Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked Empty Re: Snake XT v1.0 - Cracked

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