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    Ouch! v1.0 - Cracked


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    Ouch! v1.0 - Cracked Empty Ouch! v1.0 - Cracked

    Post  Aloware on Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:22 am

    Ouch! v1.0 - Cracked 212130

    Ouch! is an open-ended game about flinging a customizable "rag doll" character through a variety of scenes featuring a huge array of objects, with realistic physics and sounds. For each scene, you are given a "score" based on how much damage the character has taken. The controls are simple: tilt the device to slightly alter gravity, guiding the character into objects -- swipe a finger on the screen to "nudge" the character -- or touch on-screen interactive props such as pinball flippers, cannons, rockets, cars, and more to cause even more damage!

    Game Features:

    * Amazing Ragdoll physics

    * Over 40 pre-built scenes to play

    * Over 60 props and objects to interact with (crash into, hit, drop, shoot, etc)

    * Create your own characters with customizable outfits, hats and hairstyles, and faces

    * Put your friends (or your enemies, or your own!) face on a character by importing pictures from your photo library, or by taking pictures directly with the iPhone camera - complete with multiple facial expressions! Watch your brother/friend/enemy grimace in pain when he gets hit in the head with a falling anvil! (when creating a custom face for a character, you will need 3 images-- one for each expression: normal, happy, and ouch!). If you don't have 3 images, you can use the same image multiple times.

    * Complete level editor included - design your own scenes from right within the game. In fact, every scene included with the game was created with the same built-in editor!

    * Resume Edit feature - if you get a phone call, or have to exit the app while editing a scene, you can resume from where you left off the next time you launch the game.

    * Full replay system - watch playback in forward, reverse, slow motion, fast motion and any speed in-between with the intuitive "playback spinner"

    * An iPhone / iPod Touch first! -- Use the innovative "export to image" feature to export your custom scenes and characters to a standard JPG file, which you can email to your friends -- they can import that image into their game, and play your custom scenes, or use your custom characters for themselves! Sharing content is easy!

    * High Score tracking - the top score for each scene is recorded and kept - even for all of your custom scenes that you create, or import.

    * Future updates will add more of everything - scenes, outfits, props, hats, etc!

    New in this version Unavailable

    Languages English, Japanese

    Requirements Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch

    Requires iPhone 2.2 Software Update

    Download Links:


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    Ouch! v1.0 - Cracked Empty Re: Ouch! v1.0 - Cracked

    Post  josevil on Tue Apr 07, 2009 1:16 am


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