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    X-Plane-Airliner v9.08 - Cracked (Update)


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    X-Plane-Airliner v9.08 - Cracked (Update)

    Post  Aloware on Mon Mar 16, 2009 6:15 pm

    This is the first of many free updates! The regular X-Plane has gotten 5 free updates so far, with more being coded now, and this is the first for X-Plane Airliner. This particular update contains two new planes: The MD-80 and 737!

    This is X-Plane-Airliner, a new version of X-Plane for the iPhone that simulates Airliners and the relatively long-range, instrument-capable flying that they do.

    X-Plane-Airliner comes with:

    The Boeing 777: The gold standard for modern airliner design and efficiency.
    The Boeing 747: The big double-decker 4-engine classic Liner of the sky.
    The Airbus A-380: The largest airplane in the world, with fly-by-wire controls.
    The Boeing 787: The new carbon-fiber, high-bypass, ultra-efficient harbinger of the next wave of airline travel.

    As well, X-Plane Airliner gives you control of throttle, flaps, speedbrakes, and trim, giving you much more control over these incredible machines than you can get in the regular X-Plane for iPhone.

    In addition to the additional flight controls, the cockpit is a full glass EFIS system, with airspeed, heading, altitude, vertical speed, Mach number, DME, and HSI with localizer and glideslope displayed in the same manner as the real airliners. As well, a moving map glass display gives you complete situational awareness as you fly, as you find in the real airliners.

    The regular X-Plane for iphone has 3 airports and 4 NAVAIDs, and a flight region of about 60 by 60 miles. With X-Plane-Airliner, you get 42 NAVAIDs, 98 airports, and about 60 by 180 miles to fly in! The flight region in X-Plane Airliner spans from San Diego clear up to Edwards Air Force Base! This large flying area, combined with the 98 airports and 42 NAVAIDs, lets you practice relatively longer flights in any weather, with glass-cockpit 'EFIS' instrumentation and moving maps in the cockpit to make it all easy as you fly the Big Birds across the scenic terrain of Southern California, enjoying the view if you like to do that, or in hardball IFR conditions, using the glass instrumentation to fly the airliners down to minimums in clouds and fog and turbulence at night... or anything in between.

    This is by far the most powerful app we have released for the iPhone, and we are making it available cheap for now so that everyone can get it!

    Download Links:

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